10th of April 2018 Start of the Glass Bead Camp > From 27.4. Market, SHOW Beads in Winterthur

Welcome nice to see you

We would like to welcome you from April 10, 2018 to beadcamp glass beadcamp art and Jewelry at Winterthur near Zürich Switzerland. Three weeks, Glass Beads, Glass Pieces, Silver Jewelry Art Clay Design.

Lampwork 2018
Lampwork 2018

Bead Camp week 1 and 2

In the first two weeks (10 April - 14 April 2018) and (17 April - 21 April 2018), the following glass artists from the USA, from England, Germany and Switzerland will each have five teaching days Bead Camps, Workshops for beginner and advanced.

1st week Beadcamps:
10. April - 14. April 2018
CAMP 1: Angela Meier Silver glass Switzerland

2nd Week Camps Glass art and Silver Jewelery:
17. April - 21. April 2018
Camp 5: Corina Tettinger (USA)
Camp 6: Angelika Kaufmann (D)
Camp 7: Amanda Muddimer (GB)


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3rd Camp Week + Bead Market, Show

In the third Beadcamp week (Monday, 23 April-28 April 2018) we will start the following Camps. In addition, on the weekend show artists and a bead Market.

3rd week Beadcamps:
23. April - 28. April 2018
Camp 9: Corina Tettinger USA
Camp 10:
Davide Penso IT
Camp 11: Claudia Trimbur-Pagel France beads and SILVER JEWELERY

3rd week Bead, Jewelery market and artist demos:
Glass beads sale and demonstrations by international artists at the big bead market and show weekend.

27. and 28. April Bead market show, artist:

Angela Meier (CH)
With Corina, Davide and ...moore

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